A comprehensive insurance policy for goods in transit within Cyprus.

Many businessmen transport merchanside abroad without being sure that these will be destroyed during their transportation. Laiki Insurance has designed such goods in transit insurance which takes care of all their worries and provides the widest possible form of cover to businessmen.

This type of cover is included in the Shop Policy as an optional cover

What does the Goods in Transit Insurance Policy Cover?

  • The Policy covers loss of or damage to goods while being carried by any of the Insured’s vehicles (vans) anywhere on land within Cyprus caused by fire, theft or road accident.

What does the Goods in Transit Insurance exclude?
The policy is subject to certain exclusions, some of which are:

War, acts of terrorism, loss, damage or liability arising from nuclear weapons material and radioactive contamination premeditated act.

  • Loss of or damage to property when in an unlocked, unattended vehicle.
  • Consequential loss, loss or damage during loading or unloading of goods on and from the vehicles.
  • Loss caused by dishonesty of employee.
  • Inherent defect of the property.

Who can Benefit from the Goods in Transit Insurance?

Shopkeepers, factory owners and others (professionals, businessmen, organisations)


Some Advantages of the Goods in Transit Insurance

  • Option to insure different sums insured for every conveyance.
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