An insurance policy covering money (cash, foreign currency, crossed cheques and stamps).

Businessmen who daily transfer money know very well the risk they run from such losses of money. Money Insurance of Laiki Insurance offer the opportunity to businessmen to insure their money of their business from unfortunate events.

This type of cover is included in the Office and Shop Policies as a basic cover and in the Home Policy as an optional cover.

What does the Money Insurance Policy Cover?

The Insurance covers:

  • Loss of or damage to money from the safe in the insured`s premises.
  • Loss of or damage to money in transit (from and to the bank)
  • Loss of or damage to a safe belonging to the Insured caused by thieves.

What does the Money Insurance Policy exclude?
The policy is subject to certain exclusions, some of which are:

  • War, acts of terrorism, loss, damage or liability arising from nuclear weapons material and radioactive contamination.
  • Theft by the Insured’s employees or theft during riot.
  • Loss from unattended vehicles.
  • Loss due to shortage.
  • Loss from a locked safe the key of which was in the Insured’s premises during the theft.

Who can Benefit from the Money Insurance Policy?
Shopkeepers, factory owners, hoteliers and others (professionals, businessmen, organisations)


Some Advantages of the Money Insurance Policy

  • Cover the money in transit by the insured or his/her employees.
  • Loss of or damage to the safe.
  • Adjustment of the premium every year.
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