CypriaLife Health Plans

Cypria HealthCare: The health insurance plan that grants all the family the highest financial support, in any country in the world.

A complete Health insurance plan, that offers high level medical benefits, with a choice on the coverage amount in each case, in any country in the world.

The Cypria Health Care gives the insured and his/her family the security of a plan/provider in unforeseen health incidents. With coverage up to€500.000 for each incident, that includes medicines, food and accommodation, medical expenses, diagnostic exams, surgeon’s/anesthesiologist’s/medical practitioner’s expenses, child delivery expenses, etc., the plan is ideal for people who want to make sure the whole family can get the best medical treatment anywhere in the world.


CNP Cyprialife has signed a cooperation agreement with ihi Bupa, whereby it will act as a fronting partner of the company in Cyprus. ihi Bupa is a company that specialises in the provision of health plans worldwide.
Through the cooperation contracted of CNP Cyprialife conducted and ihi Bupa, four products have been developed and are currently offered in the Cyprus market. These plans are:

  • International Health and Hospital Plan (IHHP) with maximum annual cover of €1,500,000.
  • IHI First Choice with maximum annual cover of €1,500,000.
  • Worldwide Travel Options with unlimited annual cover.
  • Worldwide Business Travel Options with unlimited annual cover.

Each plan offers different covers and benefits and has different conditions and exclusions. Also, the plans provide the possibility of worldwide cover with few exclusions. For further information regarding these plans, you may contact us


New Health Insurance Plan for students

The Health Insurance Plan for students that would help a sudent and his family overcome difficult situations in the event of an accident or sickness.

An exceptional health insurance plan that offers in-hospital medical treatment both in Cyprus and overseas.

The Cypria Student Medicare offers peace of mind to the parents and students with the knowledge that they can rely on capable hands because it offers:

  • Superior in-hospital medical cover throughtout the student’s university years
  • Very low cost as compared to similar plans offered overseas
  • Immediate response to the payment of hospital medical bills
  • High cover with affordable premiums to suit any family budget
  • International medical help for emergency cases
  • Flexibility in the choice of insurance plans depending on the country of study


For Cypriot students studying abroad the plan also offers:

  • Cover during their holidays in Cyprus
  • Cover during a short-term stay in a different country for the purpose of their studies, other than the country of their main studies (excl. USA and Canada)
  • Cover of the extra costs of transferring the insured, if it is deemed necessary, from the country of study to the country or to the nearest hospital in the country of permanent residence
  • Cover of the costs of transporting the insured by authorised emergency services to the nearest hospital

For Cypriot students studying in Greece, cover of the cost of a return economy class ticket for the travel of a close relative to Greece, in the case that the student undergone an operation under total anaesthesia and has to be hospitalised for more than 48 hours or in the case whether hospitalisation is necessary for longer than 4 days.

For Cypriot students studying abroad in a country other than Greece, in the case of hospitalisation for more than 10 days, the plan will cover the actual amount expended by a close relative taking care of the student, up to the maximum of €100 per day and for a period of up to one week.

CypriaLife Life Plans: ‘Security for Life’

Cypria Global
The plan that has no maturity date. The insured can choose the exact combination between investment and coverage according to his / her actual needs.

Cypria Moneyplus
Designed for those who are interested for high yield prospects, together with the tax relief and high coverage benefit.

Cypria Extraplan
The only insurance scheme, especially designed to offer a guaranteed maturity value in addition to coverage.

Cypria Homeplan
Designed for those who wish to acquire their own house.

Cypria Coverplan
The Life insurance plan that offers high insurance coverage as against a low premium amount.

Cypria Multicover
The plan offers the financial protection against Serious Illnesses as well as Permanent and Total Disability caused by an Accident or Illness.

Cypria Coverplan Convertible
High levels life insurance coverage at a low cost.

For all of you who wish to plan ahead

Cypria Scholarplan
For parents that make the right plans, Cypria Scholarplan offers the financial support for the children’s studies.

Cypria Fortune Cyprialife’s investment life policy with a lump sum premium payment

Cypria Credit Life
The bancassurance product especially designed to provide insurance coverage against credit facilities that are granted by the Bank.


Invest in your staff by insuring them.

Through CNP Cyprialife we offer you one of the best, safest and most rewarding ways to strengthen relations within your company.

We offer the most up-to-date and flexible plans for group insurance with the possibility to adapt to the particular needs of organized groups in order to cover all of their members:

  • Health Insurance – In & Out of Hospital Treatment
  • Life Insurance with additional benefits
  • Accidental Death Benefit
  • Permanent Total Disability due to Accident or Illness
  • Permanent Partial Disability due to Accident
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Dread Disease Insurance

The Cypria Group Plan promotes good relations and co-operation between employers and employees. It can help to both attract new qualified, competent staff and to retain the existing ones. It is a strong evidence of your company’s care for its staff, which help contribute to higher productivity levels.

Safeguarding your company and the people working for it is in your hands. Invest in your staff by insuring them.


Through CNP Insurance we are offering comprehensive insurance policies aimed to satisfy any and all of your insurance needs. This type of policies address the insurance needs of individuals acting in their personal capacity. Examples of such policies are Personal Accident, Travel and Hunters.

Foreign Workers

This is a comprehensive insurance programme for foreign workers.

The covers provided are based on:

  • The Employers` Liability (compulsory) Insurance Law 1997.
  • On the Ministerial Committee`s decree requiring all employers to cover the medical expenses of their foreign employees as a prerequisite for the issue of a working permit.

What does the Foreign Workers Insurance cover?

The insurance covers:

  • The normal in-patient and out patient medical expenses as well as the confinement benefits and repatriation of the mortal remains (agreed amount).

And optional cover for

  • The legal liability of the insured Employer for the payment of damages to his/her Domestic servants in relation to their death or bodily injury or occupational disease (as specified in the relevant regulations) as a result and during their employment in Cyprus.

The insurance limits are those specified by the Law.

What are the exclusions of the Foreign Workers Insurance?

Some of the exclusions of the Insurance cover are:

  • War, terrorists` actions, nuclear radiation, and invironmental pollution
  • Pre-existing diseases
  • Pregancy, health tests, eye and ear testing
  • Gynaecological problems of any nature within the first six months of the initial cover period

The Foreign Workers Insurance is addressed

To all private citizens

Some advantages of the Foreign Workers Insurance

  • The insurance cover of in-patient and out patient medical expenses as a result of an accident or disease that the insured bears no responsibility.


A comprehensive insurance policy for travellers during a trip abroad either for holiday or for business purchase.

The Policy may be issued for one individual personally or for a group of individuals (e.g. members of a family)

What does the Travel Insurance Cover?

The Insurance Policy covers the Insured against:

  • Death, permanent bodily injury (permanent total disablement), loss of wages due to inability to work (temporary disablement) during trip abroad arising by accident.

Optional cover is offered:

  • For medical expenses arising as a result of an accident or disease
  • Loss of or damage to luggage
  • Loss of money


Limits of Indemnity for persons between 16-74 years:

  • For death € 34.172
  • For permanent total disablement € 17.086
  • For medical expenses € 1.709
  • For luggage € 854
  • For money € 854

What does the Travel Insurance Policy exclude?

The policy is subject to certain exclusions, some of which are:

  • War, acts of terrorism, loss, damage or liability arising from nuclear weapons material and radioactive contamination.
  • Flying in an aircraft other than as a passenger, winter sports etc.
  • Pre-existing conditions.
  • Items with a value exceeding € 342, unless declared passports etc.
  • Loss or damage due to wear and tear, weather conditions, cleaning processes etc.
  • Passports, travel tickets, money in luggage.

Who can Benefit from the Travel Insurance Policy?

Individuals (for effecting insurance for themselves, their spouses and children) shopkeepers, factory owners, hoteliers and others (professionals, businessmen, organisations)


Some Advantages of the Travel Insurance

  • Ability to purchase insurance cover at the time of purchase of foreign currency
  • Insurance cover for loss of money

Hunters Insurance

A comprehensive and flexible insurance policy that addresses the insurance needs of hunters at premiums starting from € 17 (£9,95),

CNP Insurance`s Hunters Policy is a comprehensive and flexible insurance policy that allows you to choose one of three plans with a variety of benefits.

You can now purchase Insurance cover for Personal Accident, Public Liability, loss of or damage to your hunting gun and the death of your hound, easily and quickly at a low cost and without any difficulties

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